Ohio Estate Recovery

What is a lien?
A lien is an offical claim against your home, farm or other real estate. It is generally paid off after your death when the property is sold.
What is Estate Recovery?
A law that permits the State of Ohio to place liens on real estate to recover state medical benefits that were paid for a person's nursing home or other long term care expenses.
When can the state put a lien on my real estate?
Ohio can put a lien on on any of your assets when you begin to receive benefits and collect on the lien at your death.
Who Collects the liens?
The Attorney General of Ohio, Collections Enforcement Section contracts with independent attorneys all over the state of Ohio who typically receive 20% of the assets they recover.
How long does Ohio have to collect?
Indefinately. The State of Ohio is not bound by any time limitations.
If you already received a letter from the Attorney General ...
You have options. You should consider working with an experienced elder law attorney.
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