By Mary Roberts

It's wintertime and the weatherman says snow.

It's bitter cold outside so there's no place I really want to go.

I remember the fall season when I quickly said,

''I'm tired, winter sounds good, need some rest'' underlined in red.

The harvesting, canning and freezing vegetables is past.

The enjoyment of time in the sun just didn't last.

When this time of year comes, I have to stop and reflect on things that are possible for me to do to make my future more positive in the coming year. Summertime is so busy we tend to forget about personal decisions we need to make for our future and that of our family. Wintertime is a great time to think about ESTATE PLANNING and getting our affairs in order or, as our motto says, “get your ducks in a row”.

Elder Law is our specialty at Cooper, Adel & Associates. Whether it's trusts, wills, powers of attorney, Medicaid, nursing home planning or aid with VA Benefits, we are here to assist you.

Attorney Cooper always says, “Call us first when anything happens to your family.” I had the opportunity this week to speak to a lady who was in total panic mode. Attorney Cooper had prepared her parents trust and told the family members to call us first when anything happened to Mom or Dad. The parents had been visiting in Florida and were driving back to Ohio, coming through one of the southern states. Dad had a heart attack, at the wheel, and was killed instantly. Mom is in the hospital in Florida with a broken neck. The daughter called and said, “I can't even think. Can you tell me what I need to do first?” I recommended that she call the insurance company and report the accident and then get to Mother and see to her care. We will be here to help her with all the rest when her schedule permits it.

WE are also here to assist YOU when crisis comes. It is our hope that we can take the pressure off and make your stress level as minimal as possible. A caring attorney and his trained staff are what everyone need in these trying times.

If you need to get your estate planning in order, give us a call. (1-800-798-5207) We are here to assist you in any season. It's the CURE FOR THE WINTER TIME BLUES. Do something good for yourself and your family.


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