The Average Cost of a Nursing Home Tops $83,000 a Year

By Attorney Thom L. Cooper

A recent survey by Met Life revealed that across the United States nursing home costs are now averaging over $83,000 a year or about $7,000 a month.  This is very consistent with what we have found in Ohio.

Our office typically sees nursing home fees averaging somewhere  between $ 6,000 to $8500 a month.  With the average cost of an Alzheimer’s wing being usually about $300 a day over the average.

Before you get mad about the cost of nursing homes in Ohio, be glad you are not in Alaska where the average cost is over $20,000 a month with the East Coast rates being somewhere between Ohio and Alaska.

Where do you think these costs are going to be 10 years from now???

So it is not surprising that most people retiring today are absolutely scared to death about losing their assets to a catastrophic health care situation even if they have nursing home insurance.  If this is a worry for you, please contact our office and we can provide some alternatives to allow you to keep your assets.

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