By Heather Chapman

Stress is an inevitable part of life, whether it be a stressor due to a good or bad event. Learning techniques to manage your stress is an important function in coping with events, making sound decisions, and being able to bounce back. Being able to identify the sources of your stress and learning methods to handle and control the emotions and behaviors is key.

There are many positive ways to handle stress, including taking on a hobby, starting an exercise program or having a network of people that you can count on. Regardless of the form of your stress relief, it will make the possibility of resiliency a reality. Ensure the people that you come in contact with are also able to handle their life stressors positively.

Many deal with stressors in a negative fashion and may need a trusted ally to keep them on the right path. Some negative coping mechanisms could be, but not limited to; excessive drinking, smoking or eating, withdrawing from family or friends, sleeping, and procrastination of the stressor. If you see drastic changes in the people you know, intervene and ask questions, try to help them cope with the stress to be able to over come and rebound back to life.

For the reader, make sure you have the necessary network of friends and family that is needed to ensure that you also have the tools to bounce back from the daily stressors of life. Planning your estate for the future also requires a network of people to make it a smooth process and here at Cooper, Adel and Associates we can alleviate the stress of estate planning.   

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