Early Detection and Race for the Cure


By Lori McBride

Whether you are a mom, an aunt, a sister, a friend or even for yourself, the chances of being introduced to the breast cancer, is never far away. When diagnosed the dismay and questions come in droves: what caused this, what is the prognosis, can I afford the treatment, and finally, how can I beat it?

As a 13 year Breast Cancer Survivor, I can attest to all of the uncertainties that accompany the initial diagnosis. My children at the time were, ten & seven, and I, at the age of 31, had no idea what the future held for our family in the days/years that lie ahead. Not long after surgery, the emotional and physical journey had begun. Physical therapy, consultations, tests and results, and then, yes the dreaded Chemo and Radiation treatments. When the treatment schedule was in full swing I soon realized my legal and financial issues needed attention as well. My healthcare power of attorney, will and beneficiary designations had to be updated and intact. I realized I had complete control of this process. The control aspect was hugely important to me now, more than ever before. I wanted to insure that our family, home and financial affairs were secure and in order.

Going through this journey, through all of the ups and downs, the war we waged had to be single-minded: never give up, keep the faith and have a positive attitude, because the alternative was unthinkable.

This disease affects many women in all walks and stages of life. One thing is for sure, if you or know anyone who has been through this race you know first hand how it changes your outlook on life forever. Coming in May is the annual Susan G. Coleman race for the cure held in downtown Columbus, Ohio. I will be in attendance to help raise awareness and money for early detection and to find a cure.

If you have concerns about your healthcare documents or any estate or financial issue you may have, please don't hesitate to contact our office, Cooper, Adel & Associates A Legal Professional Association 1-800-798-5297. After all, early detection and diagnosis is key in all aspects of our lives.   

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