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Robot-Powered Home Servants Coming to Your Home Soon

By Bob Kueppers

Two companies have joined hands this week to create a 50/50 joint venture, one that’ll result in the creation of a new healthcare company “focused on telehealth and independent living.” The goal is pretty simple: to use technology to bring more effective healthcare into millions of homes and to improve the lives of seniors and people with chronic conditions. Another company venturing into this territory is Giraff Technologies who have already developed a device that allows caregivers the ability to interact with the elderly as if they were physically there.

Worried about taking care of aging parents?

Over half of all Americans say they worry about taking care of their aging parents. Katie Couric says both parties should sit down and have an honest talk about the future.

Navigating Medicare and Medicaid options are mind-numbing and helping our parents live out their lives can be completely overwhelming. Don’t bare the financial burden of your parents medical expenses. A consultation with an Elder Law attorney can help you and your parents plan for the future.

What Are Medicaid Estate Recovery Liens?

Estate recover is a program by the state where liens are placed on the homes, and real estate for medical bills that the state pays for nursing home or in-home care situations. Attorney Mitch Adel explains in-depth detail on estate recovery.

How a living trust saves taxes

A living trust only saves taxes for couples, not single people and only if the trust is established before the death of the first spouse. The trust establishes a holding tank where at first death, the money of the deceased spouse goes into the holding tank and the money is available to the surviving spouse for their health, education, maintenance and support.

Exempt vs. Protected Assets

Often people believe assets are protected when they are not. Just because a property may be exempt from a nursing home spend down, that doesn’t mean its protected. Estate Recovery is the states way of coming back after peoples properties or assets, after a public benefit recipient has passed away. Estate Recovery can come back for the amount of whatever the state paid including at home benefits, passport and Hospice.

3 Reasons Not To Put Your Home In Children’s Name

1) You can loose control of the home. If a child predeceases you, the home may go to their spouse and the home could be sold out without your permission.

2) Liabilities. If theres a divorce or lawsuit


What can you do? An Asset Protection Trust where your home is protected and you get all the favorable tax advantages and if something happens to the kids, nothing can happen to the house.

Wills vs Trusts

Listen in as attorney Thom Cooper talks about the pros and cons between Wills and Trusts.

Freedom Isn’t Free

Texas Adult Protective Services Kidnaped Elderly Couple

The Shredding Incident at the Department of Veterans Affairs

Why hasn’t The Department of Veterans Affairs responded to my claim…
It’s possible they believe that it was never sent!

Do you know about the Shredding Incident that affected many claims for Veterans Benefits that were submitted by veterans, family members and survivors of veterans?

Recently the VA’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) found 36 claims documents had been inappropriately placed in shred bins for disposal. VA immediately ceased all shredding activities while a nationwide review was conducted of all documents in shred bins. Approximately 500 documents that could potentially affect a claimant’s entitlement to benefits were found improperly placed in shred bins at various regional offices.

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