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Creating little planets on an iPhone

By Bob Kueppers
We're going to shift gears today and I'm writing about something totally unrelated to Elder Law. I recently had a photography tutorial published in a magazine that I'd like to share with you today. 
One of the most friequent questions I get asked on my blog is how I create my Tiny Planets. Tiny Planets are commonly referred to by there technical name, Stereographic Projections. The process involves a tripod and taking a series of overlapping photos using a fisheye lens. Each planet is made up of 20-30 individual shots then merged together with a program called PTGui creating a very large panorama.
The merged image is then brought into Photoshop and manipulated into the planet. The process takes a while and is complex, but produces a very detailed, high quality image (sometimes 1GB in size). While this process is tedious, a much easer process can but achieved using an iPhone and two apps.

1) Download "Photosynth"(free) & "Tiny Planets"(99¢) from the App store.

2) Launch Photosynth and start slowly moving the camera around. The App will capture the overlapping images. Be sure you complete a full 360º when taking the photos or the planet will not render correctly. Also be sure to capture the zenith (what's above you) and the nadir (under your feet).

3) When you've completed a full 360º panorama, hit finish and Photosynth will start stitching all the photos together. The process can take several minutes and you can choose to skip this process and do it at another time if you're anxious to keep photographing.


4) When the stitching is complete, you will able to pan around the photo within the app. To export the image to your camera roll, select "share."

5) Choose "camera roll"

6) You will be given the option to crop the image, I recommend you leave it as it is.


7) Next, launch the "Tiny Planet" App and load your recently exported panorama from your camera roll.


8) When the image is loaded, select the tiny planet button at the bottom left.


9) You now have your own Tiny Planet. Select "next" at the top right to export the image back to your camera roll.
With a little practice, you can get some nice planets. There are a few other Apps out there that will also do this process. The App 360Panorama has it's own Stereograph feature built in, however it doesn't capture as much area as Photosynth. The App "Retouch" will help with the removal of your feet/shadow in the Tiny Planet.
For comparison, I also shot the same planet using my Canon 50D:

From my Canon
From my iPhone4


Taking the right path

By Janet Fickle


Life is beautiful and should be cherished. Enjoy every moment as though it is your last. Take the right path and prepare for taking care of your financial planning to protect your assets. 


Survival behind enemy lines

By Attorney Ted Brown


I am very proud to have known my grandfather, Lt. Colonel William F. Brown, and I frequently enjoy telling his story of survival behind enemy lines in Korea. I remember that he was always reluctant to share the details but spoke instead of the other crew members that did not make it out. He, like many in his generation, answered the call to defend freedom from the many tyrants of the 20th Century. 


As an Elder Law Attorney at Cooper, Adel & Associates, I welcome the opportunity to serve our veterans and get them the benefits they deserve. 


Winter Home

By Attorney Liz Durnell


When I was younger, my family and I went to Cocoa Beach, Florida every spring to visit my grandparents at their “Winter Home.”  My grandparents were always so tan and happy from days spent fishing or riding their beach cruisers on the beach.  I remember how great it was to go to the beach every day and visit the Ron Jon Surf Shop.  My favorite part of the trip was going to Sunrise Service on the beach for Easter, even though getting three small children up and ready at that hour couldn’t have been easy for my parents and grandparents!


Through my work at, I have seen many clients being forced to sell their “Winter Home” and thus, depriving themselves and their families of the enjoyment that I experienced in Florida every year.  However, I have learned, through my work with Cooper, Adel and Associates, that there are ways to protect your “Winter Home.”


Proud granddaughter of a US Vet

By Angie Hall

I am the proud daughter and granddaughter of United State Veterans. My grandfather served as a medic in the U.S. Army during World War II and my father, pictured to the right, served on a carrier in the U.S. Navy during the Cuban Missile Crisis. My niece and nephew are also carrying on the proud tradition of serving our county in the Army. I am also very proud to say that I work for a company that assists veterans in qualifying for VA benefits that they so rightly deserve. 

Life in the retirement years

By Megail Gaumer

Growing up I spent weeks of each summer on fishing trips with my grandparents and their camping club.  While I was a generation removed, it gave me a great appreciation for “life in the retirement years” and the drive to help individuals to plan for it.  I attribute much of my career choice to the experiences I had growing up closely with my grandparents… and yes, he is a client.

ohio elder law

Traveling a smooth path

By Bob Kueppers

Working at an Elder Law firm, we hear lots of interesting stories. Some people have managed to take a smooth path throughout their life, but for the majority of us we encounter a few obstacles along the way. Some of us even encounter major detours that seem endless. At Cooper, Adel & Associates, we want to help make your path as smooth as possible.

Getting up the hill

By Kathy Cooper

I learned to drive in a ’57 Chevy with the gear shift on the steering column. I was really excited to be behind the wheel of that big, beautiful car, but I was struggling to shift gears, driving my dad nuts as I ground them over and over.  My dad was a WWII vet, and that day, I got a dose of his master sergeant temper. After a few choice terms, he drove that Chevy up one of the few hills in Columbus, Ohio and put on the emergency brake.  Now, behind the wheel, it was my turn: sink or swim.  I had no choice but to get it right or slide back down the hill.  I learned quickly.

Every day when vets come through our doors, I think about my dad. I want to make sure each of them gets the help they need so they can make it up the hill on their own!

At Cooper and Adel, we know about vets.  We can help.


Family Photos

By Attorney Mitch Adel

A few weeks ago I read an article about how families regretted not asking their now-deceased relatives more about their family history.  The article went on to name ways for families to document their legacies by taking pictures and creating videos or scrapbooks, so even after the family member passesOhio Estate Planning Attorney the family and friends can share memories through the documented materials.

Myself, I have never been much of a photographer.  If I took pictures, it would be of landmarks or landscapes of places I visited that I would want to forever remember.  The goal was to one day frame them and hang them on the wall (which I never did).  Following a trip, I would show the pictures to my family, in particular my father, who would get so aggravated that there were no people in my pictures.  I never really understood his frustration, until now.

This past weekend I attended a close friend’s wedding.  At the rehearsal dinner, the guests were shown a slide show of pictures of the bride and groom’s life prior to meeting one another and since.  To me the most touching moments occurred when pictures were shown of the groom’s family, including pictures of his father, a man I considered an uncle and probably the reason I became a lawyer, who unfortunately passed away a few years ago, at the young age of 61 of lung cancer.  As it was very difficult for me to hold back the tears, I imagine more than half the attendees felt the same way.  With every picture more laughter, more memories and more tears.  I was deeply moved by the show and thankful that Uncle Murray’s family took so many pictures while he was alive.

As an Elder Law Attorney in Ohio, many of the blogs I have written in the past concern Medicaid or nursing home planning, estate recovery, veterans benefits or estate planning, today my message is more personal, I urge each of you to take more pictures, include people, document your life with your loved ones, as you never know when that is all you will have.


Honoring the Veterans of WWII

Konstantin Suslov embarked on an incredible project to honor and remember the veterans of World War II. Capturing stunning portraits of these heroes, the beautiful composition of each portrait stands as a testament to the bravery and courage of these war veterans.

For current and future generations, it’s hard to comprehend the impact and importance of such an event. These photographs serve as a small window to this critical point in our history. Be sure to check out: for more incredible shots from this series, along with his other impressive editorial.



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