Future Farmers


By Lori McBride


Farming has always been a way of life for many of my family.  From my Uncle who owned a expansive turkey operation, to my aunt who still, at the age of 85 along with her sons and grandsons,  run a dairy/livestock operation in central Ohio.  One thing was clear, they worked hard and were and continue to be good agricultural stewards of the land.  


It wasn't until I was in my early twenties, that I realized the “eco” friendly measures that were taken to ensure the best possible product to sell to consumers, while maintaining the integrity of the land.  Their families were practicing the organic methods long before it was “trendy”.  


A couple of concerns for many Ohio farmers are new government mandates that could possibly be implemented as they were in United Kingdom, thus presenting the problem, of rising cost increases not necessarily supported by the consumers.  Some farmers feel there is common ground that can be achieved to promote a healthy balance between the production process and consumers.


Another question farmers are asking themselves is how sustainable is food production for both large and small farms to the next generation?  Farming is still an important part of our family and to many Central Ohio families.  With the aging agricultural stewards of the land we must prepare for the sometimes unexpected illnesses to occur.  How do we ensure the future of the farms will be protected? The Ohio Estate Recovery law allows the government to place hidden liens on properties and farms should you or your spouse be faced with a required nursing home stay. This could put a financial burden on the younger generations of the operation.   With changing times it's important to review and update your existing legal documents to reflect the ever-changing times. 


For more information on how to preserve and protect your farm and other assets, please call 800-798-5297.

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