Don’t Be a Victim


By Roy Whited

The information below came in part from the Ohio Department of Insurance newsletter.
Department of Insurance Director Mary Taylor is advising Ohioans who suffered storm damage tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of contractor fraud.
Obtain a list of reputable contractors from your insurance carrier, the Better Business Bureau or a specialized consumer organization.
Contact multiple contractors and obtain more than one estimate.
Do not allow a contractor to inspect your property when you are not home.
If you give a contractor permission to inspect your property, personally watch them conduct the inspection.
Obtain, in writing, the terms and conditions of the project.
Avoid signing a contract until the document is reviewed fully and/or discuss the terms of the contract with a legal representative or a trusted adviser.
Pay the contractor by check or credit card, rather than in cash, and do not pay in full until all work has been finished.
Ohioans with insurance questions can call the Department's consumer hotline at 
1-800-686-1526.  Those who have been victimized by contractor fraud should contact the Department's fraud hotline at 1-800-686-1527.  Visit for more information.
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