When should elderly drivers stop driving?

By Bob Kueppers

My grandfather is turning 90 next month. He lives alone despite having had multiple heart attacks, an internal pacemaker and bad hearing. He’s always been active, golfing in the summer almost every day and in the winters his time is occupied by bowling. How is he getting from place to place? He drives himself. Riding in the car while he’s behind the wheel is very stressful. Any suggestion made regarding his driving will be rebutted with the phrase “I’ve been driving for over 75 years so don’t tell me how to drive, youngin.”

He’s definitely at the point where he should be evaluated to see if the keys should be taken away, but doing this will be like throwing rocks at a hornet’s nest. Taking away the keys is like taking away his independence, there’s no easy way to do it.

A recent article in the New York Times goes in-depth about this difficult situation.

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