– A safe place to care for loved ones


By Bob Kueppers


At Cooper, Adel & Associates, we have clients whose families are scattered all over the world. Many times, the child who is physically closest is the one who ends up taking care of a parent while the other siblings are often out of the loop on the daily routines of care giving. One option to consider to help families is CareZone provides a safe, private place to organize, store and manage everything online without the worry of privacy issues. CareZone prides itself on securing your data so only you and your family can see it: they don’t allow advertising or profiling and you won’t find any options to let Facebook, Twitter or the world know what’s going on in your private world.


After becoming a member, users can write journals about their loved one’s progress.  Members can add medications, contacts, notes, and even upload files of important documents. This is one option to keep the entire family in the loop without annoying emails or playing phone tag. 



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